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Why You Need To Start A Blog With The Right Mentorship

Starting a blog either as a side hustle or as a main Hustle is worth it. How do I need to start, I have little or zero knowledge about what blogging is, Why do I need to start blogging and how do I get the right mentorship? How do I make money while Blogging? Does Blogging pay?

This is the real treasure for you, I will show you how to get a blog mentor, what characteristics should they possess, basic reasons why iu meed to setup a blog, ready to go? Keep reading the well packed treasure!

Why Do I Need To Start A Blog?

  • Audience Inspiration
  • Improvement of writing ability
  • Acquiring New Skill
  • Online Brand Building
  • Confidence Building
  • Income Generation
  • Experience With New People

For Full Knowledge, lets go with the simplest form.

Audience Inspiration: Firstly you are writing for an audience, no audience no speaker, that’s how it works. Who are you audience in what way are you passing information to them. You are to inspire lives.

  • your diction
  • your tune
  • your message
  • your value

is piercing the hearts of your audience these are the ways you are inspiring your audience. Changing lives for better, making their fay productive, create beauty out of them, help them grow to become what they wish to be.

Improvement Of Writing Ability

Blogging helps to improve your writing Ability, the more you write daily your chances of improvement becomes real.

Blogging is an act of writing values, your audience determines how you write, take Nigeria 🇳🇬 as an example, if you are writing to Nigeria audience, you gat to have huge audience writing with Pidgin and your posts goes clearer to the less literate among them.

Your writing technique could be different from the usual pattern of writers, trust it, once your audience are real to this, you are good to go. Your writing technique defines who you are and badges you the respect needed.

Acquiring New Skill

Blogging is different from web design and web design is different from blogging, saying this several times has sparked alot of argument on social media.

Blogging is an act of writing, web design is an act of using ready made tools to design a web blog while web development is building of websites from scratch

How To Start  Blogging

There are a lot of skills Blogging will make you to learn to improve better, here are the skills you might learn after starting Blogging

Starting a blogging life, they are tendencies you come across new skills which are beneficial to your career, the options comes three ways.

  • Get an expert to do it
  • Learn to do it yourself
  • Learn to be hired/freelance/fix In Emergency Period.

When I started Blogging, I was writing anything I came across, but presently I focus on business and read a lot about tech, but am very confident about writing successful tech keywords. Online Brand Building – Personal Branding

The big fish is this, when you start out Blogging alot of people are watching you that’s why you need personal branding, LindaIkejiblog started out as personal hobby blog she was personally branded and now a big company, same goes to Neilpatel, Backlinko, Makinde Azeez Azeez, Prosper Noah.

Personal Branding is a great key that shouldn’t be misused when Starting out a blog. I have given you the key. By providing value to readers, you’ll soon become recognisable in the community. You’ll be that blogger everyone goes to. They’ll know your knowledge and advice is worth the effort of seeking out.

Confidence Building

Your confidence grows the more you Put in Consistency; Blogging is a Medium to voice out, for introverts,this could be the best weapon for them to launch out their voice to the world.

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Blogging has been used to aid mental struggles and battle with traumas,we have cases of suicide survivors who end up starting a blog about suicide and it’s danger.

Top 10 Reasons Not To Start A Blog

Blogging as a bored introvert can help you to pick up your pen and pick a lifestyle niche and start writing about your favorites as been how most lifestyle bloggers started and aren’t making cool cash, if you are a fan of Marvel/DC movies you can start a fan blog with a professional Facebook page and make cool cash

Income Generation – How To Make Money In Blogging.

Yeah! A skill must be Monetizeable else it isn’t a skill, I am telling you to start Blogging, how do I make cash from him? What’s the estimated income am gonna make? How long will this last? Here we go!

Making money from Blogging is cool and beautiful, you bounce like a millionaire getting your first income, it could be a low cash that’s now worth it, but you have the feelings as a startup that you made some cash

Here I Will list three things to consider, then we proceed.

  • Choosing A Niche
  • Building Your Audience
  • Targeting Your Audience
  • Creative Ways To Generate Income As A Blogger.

Choosing a niche

Niche simply means a category of people that you sell to.

Now before I found this program, I used to think that you just have to sell to make money.

And that in order to sell, you must sell to everybody right?

You may be correct – if what you are selling is ice-cream!

The truth is that you cannot hope to build an online business in as little time as possible, if you are trying to sell to everybody. Not everybody is your customer o!

I have learnt from this awesome program that you must pick a particular market, a particular NICHE, and sell to them FIRST if you want to make good money.

How To Find A Profitable Niche

Now, why is this even important

First, it is important because having a niche helps remove confusion from people’s minds when they want to buy from you.

There are over a million people trying to sell whatever you want to sell, but having a NICHE stands you out instantly from the crowd.

For example, if a hospital wanted to create a website, there are a million and one options of people that can do it for them.

But let’s say there was a person that specialises in creating websites for hospitals.


That person will get the job, not because he is the best web designer in the world, but because the hospital will believe he is the best person FOR them.

This is important.

Even if you sell something as basic as graphics, you can have a NICHE .

The second reason why having a niche is important is because it allows you to charge higher prices than the average person.

A neurosurgeon charges higher than a regular doctor because he is a specialist

The third reason is because it reduces the number of people you have to reach out to.

Remember in the first class where we talked about numbers and the amount of people you need in order to make 1million


By having a niche, instead of spreading your message to everyone, you can just focus on a particular set of people.

That way, you reach out to LESS FEWER PEOPLE, you do LESS WORK and you make MORE MONEY.

Is it starting to make sense to you

And your niche can be literally anything – REAL ESTATE, BUSINESS OWNERS, DENTISTS, MAKEUP ARTISTS etc.
Audience Targeting

So now, how do you build up an audience of these people?

Where do you find them?

Audience Building – Your Customers

Where do you get them? Where are they? How do you know them?
I’m going to share with you the third most important thing I have learnt, and that is having an AUDIENCE.

We already know that a niche is super important, and that having a niche will help us stand out, do less work, reach fewer people and make more money.

But then, how do we go about gathering these people we want to sell to?

That is where audience building comes in.

An audience is a group of people in a niche that listen to what you have to say.

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Just like I learnt in this program, you may have the most profitable niche in the world, but if people in that niche don’t know you, you will not make money.

The easiest way to get them to know you is for you to prove that you think alike.

And for you to do that, you have to talk like them. You have to put out content that only they will vibe with.

It’s like men watching a football match.

If you stay in a room with guys watching football, it would take you less than 10 minutes to know which team each person is supporting.

The same logic applies to an audience.

I told you this program is so good!

Another reason audience building is important is because people in your audience will learn about you through word of mouth.

And word of mouth marketing (as you’ll discover when you get the program) is the most powerful marketing strategy in the world. You can’t fake it.

Let me give you an example using the hospital from yesterdays class.

If you write an article that says, “10 best website designs in 2019 ”, not everyone will vibe with it.

But if you create an article that says, “ 10 best website designs for HOSPITALS in 2019 and why your hospital needs one ”, guess what? People who run hospitals will be interested in that.

And not only that – if someone else sees your article and has a friend who owns a hospital, they will share your post with them, and like that your audience begins to grow!

Same goes for real estate or any other niche you pick.

So now that we’ve figured out the niche, and how to create content for this audience, would you like to know how to actually find these people so they can come into your circle and see what you’re about?

Audience Building- Targeting Your Audience

How to find the people you are interested in building as part of your audience .

We’re going to be talking about one of the most misunderstood concepts in building an online business, and that is TARGETING.

The internet is a very big place – and still a very small place at the same time.

Your audience could be located in any part of the world, and you can still reach them in seconds by the click of a button.

Because of this reason, you have to be very smart when it comes to targeting the right people you want in your audience.

Money is not the only criteria to look out for.

I’m saying this because most people think, “oh I just need to find a way to target people who have money”

I used to think that way too before I got into this program.

But then I realised that there are actually strategies to this thing.

There are many ways to skin a cat.

In the same vein, there are many ways to target and reach the people you want to sell too.

Some of them are free, while some are paid.

But the point remains that you can get it done.

Let’s roll!

The first one is to go where they already are.

On Instagram for example, you can search by hashtags of various industries.

In there, you would most likely find thought leaders and influencers.

These thought leaders usually have a following of other people in their niche, and depending on the message they put out, it’s always an avenue to find your audience.

On Instagram for example, most real estate consultants and agents follow the Landwey brand.

If I’m looking for small business owners, you can find them following people like Naijabrandchick or Hustlersquare.

For the paid method, you’ll have to run ads and this program really delivered on that aspect as well.

I used to think ads were this complex machine that you have to be scared of. In fact, If you hear the way people talk about it, you go fear fear!

But I have to admit, they are not as complex as most people make it seem.

Once you understand the principles and follow the rules, you won’t have any problems.

So now we’ve covered niches and audiences and targeting, the big question is


What do you sell to them?
And how do you sell it?

Creative Ways To Make Money As A Blogger

You might have heard successful bloggers say there are thousands of ways to make money as a blogger, are they over-exaggerating? How true could that be? What are the thousand ways?

Making Money online isn’t as easy as said if you ain’t serious, you gat to be consistent! To make a dime online you also need a mentor to take you through.

Here are some of the ways to make money online.
How To Make Money While Blogging

Experience With New People

Blogging gives you a new life, when starting out you meet professionals in the game mostly on social media or on your blog Comment section, you also might end up hooking up with someone who visits your blog daily and makes Comment, you meet webmasters at blogging conferences, online class, Facebook groups, this are part of the beautiful experience in Blogging.

One thing that can’t be denied, is that starting a blog, exposes you to a huge community of new people. For each blogging niche, there is a lively community to go with it.

What’s wonderful about this is it provides a great way for you to meet new, like minded people. It will be easier to make friends since you share common interests. And, you’ll find blogging communities are not only welcoming but helpful to new bloggers too.

Here are some of the most common events

  • WordPress Camp
  • Elementor connect
  • WordPress Startups
  • Blog Bootcamp

Having read that, I wanna shock you with this,but you need no fear to start once the right mentorship is there.

Top Reasons Not To start A blog and Why You Should Get Into Our Blogging Academy

I will make this writeup short in it’s best and simplest format, not to waste your time and give you the best value you ever wanted.

  • Hard work – Smart Work
  • Get Rich Quick
  • No Fixed Income
  • Lonely Part
  • Late Breakfast

Their are more than four reasons not to start a blog, I uniquely choosed the four.

Hard work – Smart Work: Blogging requires a lot of smartwork, but most people fall into the lane of hard work and that wastes lot of time and few ones who wants to play the smart work role endup using black hats which are against search engine algorithm.

Get Rich Quick : This get Rich Quick scheme landed most people into quitting Blogging when algorithm update hits their black hat method,and they are unable to make sales/cash.

Blogging isn’t a get right quick scheme doesn’t mean you cant get Rick quick, you must be ready to pay, learn, unlearn, and also get a mentorship as it’s the easiest way to crawl out of the black shades of misconception about Blogging.

No Fixed Income: Be it as a side hustle/ Day Job. There is no Fixed Income to what you earn daily or monthly, there are months you stay up without Income and doesn’t get bothered and there are days and months you try to put things up to have few bucks of dollars and yet nothing comes in, as brand authority grows, you begin to have increase in income from multiple sources,then you have the time to smile big and motivate others that Blogging pays.

Lonely Part: There are tendencies you become alone but not as lonely as loneliness could be, you find yourself no longer doing what people are doing, you find yourself thinking different from people which will make you to distinct yourself from people in order to think wow and avoid less arguments.

Late Breakfast: This happens to most bloggers, we sleep late, wake early, few people yarn and consume small loaf while others drink only water and start working until the noon day drwas near, stretch out again, Eat breakfast and continue working, this could really cause mis understanding when co-habiting with someone or living with a Relative.

Wrapping Up

I guess you have a clear knowledge about Blogging now about the niche, audience, targetting and how to generate income, the only thing that works is work and getting into the inner circle

Joseph Paul

Joseph Paul is A Business Writer and Social Media Strategist at Banks9ja and Impeesa Digital Service Who has succeeded in helping young and aspiring bloggers grow in his Blogging Academy He is a Hustler and young Nigeria Entrepreneur who is still helping small buinesses skyrocket.

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