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Alot of questions have been asked by marketers about leads especially the upcoming ones who got confused about what lead in sales is all about, the content is here now for you to feed your mind.

A lead.

You’re looking for someone to speak with that could give you something to look into. It could be someone in the rolodex, or someone coming to you with a story that will break wide open (probably in a dark alley like in the movies).Are they a good lead that will give you a front page story, or is it a dead end? It all depends on how the conversation goes.It’s not that difficult to directly translate this to the business world.Either you buy or put together a list of your own leads (e.g. rolodex), or via inbound techniques/advertising they come to you (e.g person coming directly to you).

The job for you or your team?

You need to decipher which leads could make it to print (or closed-won) and those that aren’t worth the time. Start by knowing the type of stories buyer personas that really fit into your newspaper organization.Again, the lead could be nothing, or there could be something that makes you want them to stick around and keep talking.The point is: a “Lead” isn’t a sure thing.One of the dictionary definitions states that a lead is, “a slight or indirect pointing to something”.When a lead comes into your outreach process, they should fit a certain mold. Whether that is certain firmographic/demographic data or someone who is interested in your advertising or content online.That said, they may have made little to no indication of interest in your products. That’s because leads need to be qualified.Higher quality names in the beginning should give you a higher percentage of leads who move along in the overall sales process. However, you won’t know until you have a conversation.Typically, reps will have to chip away at leads in order to have an initial conversation.

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Things That Can Be Called Lead

Names on a list:

Either one you’ve drummed up yourself through research, or bought from a third-party.People who’ve responded: If someone responds to your cold emails and phone calls, they’re still a lead until you qualify them a bit.


Either from colleagues or current clients.Inbound/Advertising:They’ve come to you and want answers. A great place to be in the sales world.Before you can say that they are no longer a lead, you have to speak with them. There has to be an initial conversation for reps to determine whether or not a lead is either an uninterested party or our next term.Depending on whether or not you’re B2B, Tech, or even direct to consumer, the questions are going to be different. All questions should be used to help you determine how likely a lead is to close.

What Is Lead In Sales - Banks9ja

Core components to find out from your enquiries

1. Level Of Pain:

Are they really ready to switch solutions to solve the pain? Ask questions about why they are looking for something now. If it’s a “hmm type answer, they shouldn’t move on.

2. Logistical Problems:

Budgeting, timeframe, buying cycle. Questions that determine the likelihood of a close in terms of time and money. B2B cycles can be a long time, but that doesn’t disqualify a lead (necessarily).

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3. Competition:

Find out what current provider they use (if applicable) and why. It’s important to know how you differ from leading comparable tools.

Types of leads

There are three main types of leads you can generate for your business. They include:

Information Qualified Leads (IQLs)

Information Qualified Leads are leads that have provided you with their contact information in exchange for gaining access to valuable information.Examples include leads who subscribe to your newsletter, as well as people who enter their contact information in one of your lead forms so that they could download your educational ebook.These people are starting to research their problem and still aren’t considering your product or service as a solution.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

When IQLs request information about your products or services, they become Marketing Qualified Leads. MQLs are curious about your offering, but still aren’t sure that they want to do business with you.They’ll often download a resource that provides more information of how your product or service works, or how effective it is (e.g., a case study).While they might be indecisive, MQLs are a lot more receptive to a sales pitch compared to Information Qualified Leads.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

A Sales Qualified Lead is a lead that has shown interest in purchasing your company’s products and services, as well as been determined to be a good fit for your offering by your sales team.The way these people show interest is often by signing up for a free trial of your service, or requesting a demonstration.SQLs have a high probability of turning into customers, and should be followed up with directly.

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