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UBA online Banking, And Transfer Codes – Banks9ja

UBA is the acronym of United Bank For Africa Plc was founded in 1946, it’s a grand company that offers financial services in over 20 African Countries. It’s a Pan-African company situated in Paris, London and New York.

It all started with the name British and French Bank limted (BFB) and began operation since 1949, presently today UBA has employed over 5000+ staffs in Nigeria, it’s services are also not limited to banking services, wholesale and retail banking, savings and investments and more lists like that.

Did you know about UBA marketplace ?

UBA is one of the most advanced banks both in technology and interaction with customers, in interaction with customers, UBA has a policy called the 3E’s of our services

Did you know about UBA wise savers promo ?

An instinct that to show how UBA is advanced in technology is not only with the check on their USSD Codes, it also shows with the way they have been able to be the best bank with a customer care bot called Leo that works 24/7 even while on Holiday.

Did you know About Leo UBA virtual banker and how to interact with him ?


The world is evoluting and everyone prefers to do stuffs at home, imagine in the middle of the night you wanna buy Data bundle or probably you wanna buy airtime to meet emergencies there are different ways to do that if you are a UBA customer.

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Did you know the dangers apart from the advantages of mobile banking ?

  • It reduces stress.
  • It makes it easier.
  • It meets emergencies
  • It works weekend.

UBA has the most simplest form to send money from UBA to same bank and also from UBA to another bank.

The ussd dial code for UBA is just *919# on the go, with this pin you can do alot of things from the comfort of your home without queueing up in bank lines and also waiting for the weekend to be over so as to access the banking hall for services, with the dial codes you can do some services for yourself and also your loved ones

Do you know how to open UBA bank account ?

  • You can buy airtime
  • You can subscribe data bundle
  • You can open an account
  • You can get a mini Account statement
  • You can generate OTP

Do you know how to use UBA Mobile Banking?

To be able to use this code there are factors you must consider.

It must be the sim you used to open your account bank.
It must have been given and in a case you have done all here is it.

UBA Mobile Banking

UBA Mobile banking app formerly known as U-Mobile works 24/7 without network connection, you can connect with their customer care service via live chat support button, you can use face/fingerprint login to access the app and also can increase your transaction limit from the app, it has say, and night mode,buy airtime, transfer funds, pay bills and many more.


UBA mobile banking United bank for africa plc

UBA Internet Banking

UBA Internet banking allows users to access their services themselves with devices that can access internet be it mobile phone or desktop. It’s a wonderful and amazing feature that you gonna like, here is how to try it

These Category offers self instant registration, airtime and funds transactions, booking of flight, cyber receipts an many more amazing features.

UBA internet banking United bank for africa plc

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To get on the ride with those that have these features you have to have a device that can acess the internet, then move to any trusted app store and download, you can download from playstore, from iTunes app store, from Apkpure

NB: There could be fake app of this on the internet that’s why these three sources are recommended.

UBA has three apps. Which is the .

Internet Banking App

Mobile Banking App

UBA Secure Pass App

You can also access UBA internet banking here

UBA Customer Care Services

Customer like no other, gave you read about the UBA customer relationship policy, if not go to any UBA branch around and read their policy it’s one of the best, also reliably-fast and friendly.

We all know what customer care service is a about?
Customer Care Services is an area|sector where you can make a complain to get faster response.

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UBA contacts

Facebook messenger

WhatsApp messenger

Twitter Messenger

Phone Line:

+234 700 2255 822

+234 1 280 8822

+234 1 631 9822

UBA U-Direct Platform

UBA U-Direct is the banks e-commerce Platform amtgat allows you to enjoy unrestricted access to your account.

Balance enquiry, check book request account viewing, payments, statements of account and other valuable features to have to use.

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Requirements For U-direct

  • A device that can access the internet, Android device, desktop…
  • Complete Web enrollment form from UBA.

How To Apply For U-Direct

  • Instant self registration
  • Registration Via Enrollment Form
  • Application at a local Branch.

I don’t think there is an need to explain how to fill the form be it your first time to fill a form I have told you that UBA is customer friendly.

Wrapping Up🤣

I hope you have in one way of the other learn one thing about UBA, Incase you fill like there I something left or probably you wanna ask a question you can use the comment box.

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