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Side Hustle: 15+ Hot Side Hustles For You – Banks9ja

Broadly speaking, a side hustle is anything you do to earn money outside of your day job. However, side hustles carry a more entrepreneurial connotation than merely taking on a second job.

What Is Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a way to make some extra cash that allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in. It can also be your true passion – a chance to delve into fashion, travel or whatever it is you care about the most without quitting your day job

The best side hustle for you depends on a number of factors, including your skills and experience, the time you have to devote to it, and your overall interests and goals. Check out our full list and you’re sure to find a side hustle idea that sparks a flame!

By raw numbers, the most popular side hustles are freelancing, network marketing, real estate investing, and participating in the “gig economy” through apps like Uber and Lyft. Be sure to check out the full list of ideas to see which one could be a fit for you.

To start a side hustle, I recommend the “lean startup” model. That means keeping upfront investments low until you find paying customers. Then, use their feedback to change and adapt as needed. But all side hustles start with an idea. Check out our full list of side hustle ideas for more!

A side hustle can be a great way to build extra income and extra skills outside a traditional job. It can be a way to escape a job you don’t like, a shortcut to financial independence, or just a way to practice entrepreneurship in a low risk manner

Side Hustle: 15+ Hot Side Hustles For You - Banks9ja

What is the most profitable side hustle

Real estate is the most popular side-hustle, making up 11% of all secondary jobs. Real estate is the most lucrative side-hustle ($90/hr); farming ($9/hr) is the least. The average side-hustle earns $12,609 on 11 hours per week (~$25 per hour)

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Have you read about AbitCrowd

Do you really need a side hustle?

Making ends meet was the main motivation for the majority of sidehustlers and may be one of the key reasons you need a side hustle, too. However, side jobs aren’t just for covering expenses. There are several reasons why you should start a side hustle, even if you can live comfortably off of your primary income.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Refer website visitors to buy products online and earn a small commission on each sale. This is actually how I’ve made the bulk of my living over the last 10 years, so it definitely works!

Note: Please do me a favor and don’t buy into anyone’s sleazy affiliate marketing “program” or “system.” There are unfortunately a lot of slimy salespeople out there making their living taking advantage of newbies.

Affiliate marketing is an extremely alluring industry. However, many affiliate marketers don’t make much money. If you have the skills it takes to succeed in this arena, you could quite literally make a small fortune. But be careful not to get drawn into pie-in-the-sky hopes or dreams of making money without putting in much effort.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, check luckycheckins and prospernoah , who consistently earns over $3k a month as an affiliate — all while traveling full-time.

2. Online Surveys

These won’t make you rich, but can be an easier way to supplement your income and you can do them in your downtime.

3. Blogging

Blogging is difficult to monetize but can be a fun outlet to practice your writing or build an audience around a particular idea.

Kennedy Prosper Makes Six Figure monthly through Blogging

Want to start a blog of your own? Reach me Whatsapp or telegram me on how to start your own site.

4. Teaching English

Earn up to $20 per hourteaching English to young students in China, Pakistani and Indonesia via video chat.

5. Private Labelling

In this side hustle, you identify hot-selling products and bring your own to market to compete with them.

There’s an art and science to this, including negotiating with suppliers (often overseas)

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6. Teaching

Udemy is an impressive online education platform where students can connect with teachers from all around the world in any subject. You can create your own course around a topic you’re an expert in and set your own tuition rate. Funny enough, I have been teaching on WhatsApp, messenger, and also on telegram on various courses that surronds blogging, Facebook page and group growth and many more.

7. Picking Up Trash

Jonas And His Team has been doing this over 6 months and calls it “Nigeria simplest but ignored business”. He says you can earn NGN50,000-NGN100,000 a monthly for basically walking local parking lots and cleaning up the garbage.

Check out Nyce Ayuk posts about Jason

Too good, permit me to re-caption and to repost.⠀Btw I’m sending 50k to Jason and his boys tomorrow.⠀See??? You…

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8. Podcasting

With a unique angle to your podcast, you can attract a large following, which can translate into serious sponsorship dollars. It costs less than you think to start and has honestly been a life-changing project for me.

Side Hustle: 15+ Hot Side Hustles For You - Banks9ja

9. Real Estate Rental Property

Real estate investing is one of the oldest and most popular side hustles in the books. New platforms like AbitCrowd make it easy to shop for and buy income-generating properties with tenants and property management already in place.

10. Building Micro Niche Sites

Building niche sites is a popular side hustle because after some initial research and time investment they can be a relatively hands-off income source. These types of sites generally cover a very specific topic and earn money through advertising, affiliate relationships, or digital products.

You can message me to layout the process step-by-step for creating a simple niche affiliate site.

11. Dropshipping

Dropshippers set up their own storefront and process sales, but never touch the actual product. Instead, the items are shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer or wholesaler.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Next Step: Take your time and speak with Joy Okoro of Theprofany she is a real goddess in dropshipping raking $7k monthly.

Side Hustle: 15+ Hot Side Hustles For You - Banks9ja

12. Freelancing

There are millions of people supplementing their income by freelancing in their spare time. You’ll find them on sites like Upwork, FreeeUp or Fiverr.

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Rehiga a friend I took into Freelancing rakes $244 on Seoclerks and $102 on Fiverr.

13. Social Media Management

Many small businesses need a social media manager and simply don’t have the time nor the expertise to be constantly posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Take it upon yourself to contact local businesses and offer up your services for a contracted monthly fee. This is an easy way to make money no matter where you live.

14. Blogging

Okay, so you won’t make money that fast with a blog. But, if you start a blog and deliver enormous amounts of value, you could set yourself up with a platform for ending a tremendous amount of passive income. This is something you can easily build on the side with just a few hours of work per week, but you need to stay consistent and post great content regularly.

15. Creating A YouTube Channel

Although this isn’t the quickest way you can make money with a side income, creating YouTube tutorials can help you earn a respectable amount of income as long as what you deliver is engaging and keeps people interested for long enough. You could also use free tutorials to upsell viewers on products and services you might be offering.

16. Create a smartphone/ Android App

If you have some app development skills and you’re proficient at Swift or Android-based development platforms, you could try your hand at creating a smartphone app. Obviously, this isn’t a quick or easy way to make money, but could pay off big with the right idea.

The mobile app market is hot, but one developer likened it to the gold rush — where the ones who made the most money were the ones selling the gear and the shovels. Similarly, a freelance app developer gets paid whether or not the app goes on to become a hit.

17. Modelling And Photography

Stock photographers are sometimes in need of subjects for their work. Strike a pose!

Wrapping Up

Side hustles are for the serious ones, meanwhile Inc warns against tempting desires/feelings that will wanna make you to quit your main job to face your side hustle fully, there are requirements for this.

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