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Not Getting Downlines? Here is How I Grab 25+ Downlines As A Starter Daily


Writing this content was supposed to come in form of an Ebook but I decided to make it public, I wanna share it freely to you all as my favorite reader. Getting Downlines isn’t easy for starters in affiliate and Network marketing. But in this post I will breifly explain to you how I got 25+ Downlines daily.There are method that works and also method that doesn’t work, among this methods that works are method that are very bad which most people especially starters do.and we have started with the right info who didn’t went along to do this.What’s that boring method? Spamming!Most people whem they start new,they go spamming everywhere with their affiliate links both on Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp amd telegram groups.This is very bad,I feel bad seeing this always,that’s why I have decided not t\no put it into e-book format for those who wanna learn and stop spamming. How To Start Affiliate Marketing On Facebook. I will use WhatsApp spam as demo

How To Get More Downlines Using Facebook And Whatsapp

What is spamming.

Spamming in my own words are act or method of sending unsolicited links to the wrong, person, groups and mostly at the wrong time to a right place, then it becomes a spam. Let’s go Straight into how I grab atleast 25 Downlines Whatsapp Lower Android MarketingYeah, I called it lower marketing, because it’s almost a half of the real loaf.You can use the comment/ contact me button to get a real tutor about whatsapp Marketing.I will use WhatsApp Marketing Formula and also you can read the loaf of Face Affiliate Marketing Formula.This content is suitably written for those into Affiliate Marketing, Networking, Refer and Get Paid System and also Survey boys.

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1. Getting Downlines – WhatsApp

There are several ways to get Downlines on WhatsApp but like I said I will go into the basic aspect. Cutting a longs story short, here we go.

The use of WhatsApp Group.

Follow this rule, if you really wanna get results.

  • Create a WhatsApp group
  • Don’t add anyone to groups without permission.
  • They will leave rather
  • Craft a post and embed your group link then send it to them.
  • Telling them the purpose of the group and why you will like them to be there.
  • Fix a time for presentation: fixing a time for presentation, you must be there at the exact time and period.
  • Turn off discussion:
  • Turn off discussion druing presentation
  • Turn off Discussion when you ain’t online for presentation.
  • Engagement: Open the group for discussion after the presentation.
  • Know No Man Rule: This is daily shit to face on whatsapp and mostly happens when you add people to groups without permission the go ahead spamming, which might make you loose members.
  • Remove anyone who spams the group with links immediately,This make others know you are serious and won’t try such
  • Share the group links with them and invite others.

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2. Getting Downlines With Facebook

I break this a little into three partsI personally wrote a guide on how to use Facebook to get downlines.

The use of Facebook groups+pages
The use of Facebook profiles

The use of Facebook groups

The best way to build an audience relevant to the products you want to promote is by starting a Facebook page or a group.Both of them work really well, and you can get tons of traffic. Even if you want to run an advertising campaign, you need a page.To grow a page for free, you need to post content consistently. The bad news is that it takes time. However, the good news is that you build an audience through time that is highly interested in seeing your updates.Your focus must not be on the numbers. It’s fine to ask your friends to like your page, but it’s important to have a strategy. There are pages with thousands of likes who do not get any engagement or traffic at all. Also, other pages with fewer likes have loyal followers.If you want to find people who are active in your niche, you need to post what they like to see. Do your research on similar pages to see what it works better in your niche and do the same thing. Usually, photos and videos work better than links.Then add your link to your site to the About section and post some offers once or twice per week. If you want an affiliate marketing business with traffic from Facebook, you must publish new posts 2-3 times per week and be active in promoting your page.

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The use of Facebook profile

This way has the benefit that you can make a few sales to your friends. The problem is that most of them do not want to see your offers or your articles but photos and news from you.What you need to do is to find people in your niche, make requests and contact them personally which helps to build trust.You can run your profile like a page but you can also comment and post on irrelevant topics. If you post interesting content for your niche regularly, you can build an audience in this way too.

Wrapping Up

More about how to hit 25+ downlines daily, seems confused? Use the comment box to place your opinion about how I hitted 25+ downlines daily as a starter

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