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Longrich Corporate Profile Of A Life Changing Business – Bank9ja

You might have ponder over this manytimes asking yourself what is longrich really about, are they truly reliable and trustworthy, whats their corporate profile and how truly do they have a life changing business
Longrich is a 33 year old manufacturing multinational company with headquarters in China and branch offices in over 100 countries spanning Usa, Uk, Europe, Asia, Africa etc Renowned for manufacturing patented products for top notch brands.
Longrich is ISO and Nafdac certified, hence their penchant for quality fast moving health, energy and daily consumable products.
Longrich produces under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (original Design Manufacturer) for top companies. The Company has 8 worldclass Research Institues in China, USA, Japan, France. Becoming a partner with Longrich provides an alternative income stream, enables you to earn weekly bonuses and awesome global incentives.


Longrichbrand, networking, Longrich international
7-8 figure weekly income.
Shares 1% of the coy’s monthly turnover (sales) as a VIP member Shareholder.
Brand new car award twice every year.
All expense paid luxury vacations abroad 2-3 times yearly.
$150million house fund award at Star Director level.
4 year Executive MBA programme @ the prestigious REGIS University Colorado USA.

Scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice at Soochow University China.
Longrich has been a household and skin care manufacturing business platform for over 25 years before venturing into the multi level marketing business MLM Industry which is a noble profession just like any other … Architecture, Medicine, Teacher etc. But Longrich runs hers as an empowerment platform championing entrepreneurship. To buttress this…
Longrich eliminated ALL the network marketing pitfalls like buying and selling, promise and fail, using you for years to sell products, no personal development…NOTHING!
They replaced these with …
• Degree program scholarships in China
• Executive MBA in the USA
• Personal business start ups
•Making you a weekly millionaire
•House fund worth 25m naira
•Globe trotting 4 times yearly to different continents on their expense

Shares her dividends through the shares platform with you and your kids, thus enabling you to structure out wealth for your children’s children.
Longrich is a very futuristic business, you will get these benefits and MANY MORE!
Research has shown that most network marketing companies have to buy compulsorily monthly to stay afloat or you lose your membership.
None considered posterity so there was little or nothing towards personal development and entrepreneurship.

In Conclusions

The above write up as ckearly shown how longrich is a life changing business and also the coporate profile of the company. You can send a message on whatsapp if you wanna ask for more info

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