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How To Take Your Business Online And Make More Sales After Covid19

How To Take Your Business Online And Make More Sales After Covid19


Taking your business online, you definitely have no time to waste on planning the best is to get started but yet you need to know the right step to take to boost your business appearance and make money online.

Is it a good idea to take your business online?

You might love to ask this question but felt like someone might spoke rough to you, but trust me that’s one of the greatest question you need to ask.

Taking your business online is a good idea, people tends to spend most of their time on the internet pressing their smartphone and with your business presence on the internet you can easily get their attention, moreso there are more opportunities attached as it helps you get seen beyond your local store.

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What are the things you need to do while thinking of taking your business online?

Before taking your business online don’t you think there are things required to be done? Fine! That’s a great idea, and here we will walk you through the necessary steps to taking your business online.

Top 8 steps to take your business online and make more sales

  1. Get A Branded Business Domain Name
  2. Take A Plan for Your Business Website
  3. Hire A Designer
  4. Provide Valuable Contents Consistently
  5. SEO – Make Your Website Visible to Search
  6. Hire A Social Media Expert
  7. Hire A Digital Marketer
  8. Hire A Digital Marketing Agency
  1. Get A Branded Business Domain Name

Getting a branded business domain name should not be difficult to pronounce and also should be recognized by speech bots as technology is growing that your business name must be recognized by bots.

There are rules to choosing a branded business name; these rules comes in different forms and it will be very good you stay with it to help your business grow faster, you might wonder; how does my business name have to do with progress in sales.

Things to consider before choosing a branded business name

  • Your business should be short for easy typing
  • Your business name shouldn’t be long; this can cause errors in misspellings
  • Make use of short words, just like YouTube, Facebook, they are just words.
  • Your name should not contain hyphen
  • Always go for the .com domain name of your business
  • Go for the TLDs of your branded business name.
  • Lastly, make sure it’s available on all social network and not in use in other countries
  1. Take a plan for your business website

  • The plans for your website should be simple, this plans contains how your business website should look like, its purpose, the easy navigations and every features a business website should have.
  • Your website design should be mobile friendly
  • your website design should be easily navigated from pages to pages
  • The purpose and function of your website
  • Easy payment system
  1. Hire A Web/Graphics Designer

  • You need a graphics and web designer to put your business website together in order,  a better visual look of your website is the first impression of what our website look like while  a good graphics deigner tells words with the use of graphics which communicate to your customers and generate incomes to your pocket.
  1. Provide valuable contents on your weblog consistently

  • Each websites has a blog section integrated within, with this you can provide valuable contents to your audience, prospects and returning customers always.
  • Providing valuable contents places you as an expert in your field and also gets your seen and found among the top web pages in google search this leads to organic sales.
  1. SEO – Make Your Website Search Engine Visible

  • Remember  you are not the only business website on search engine, this is why you need to get to the top of google search results as 98% of people who searches for contents do not go beyond the first page of google search results

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