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January 23, 2020

Online Banking:Why And How To Solve Failed Online Card Payment

Having problem with your Mastercard/Visa card not working has been an issue most people have been facing recently, here is how I have been able to solve my own personal issue recently.

Online Banking:Why And How To Solve Failed Online Card Payment

NOTE: This might come in a story form but please read till the end
You know something very surprising, your bank staffs have the solutions but they do not know the solutions.

Ayemi Temi Bami.
Chai, chineke nna
Ba darmwa

How can someone have a solution without knowing it’s the solution, so know you are your own problem.

Here are the issues most people face with their Mastercard/Visa Card.

1.You can receive loan but can’t pay back, chisos is lawd.

You all have to thank God that I took a loan else I won’t have been able to find you the solution.

2. Your card is rejected for FB ads.

3. You use your card on PayPal and your account got limited.

4. Your AdSense earning disappeared.

5. Your Family sent you international funds and it hangeg (pending).
…and more lists like that.

Here is How I solved my own.

I went to my Bank, That’s UBA (Africa Global Bank) precisely. I made a complain to the customer care, she directed me to their manager, the manager checked the system and said my card has been activated. I disagreed with him so he asked me have I used it at the ATM I said no, then he told me to use and check my balance, which I did, I told him I am still very sure this is not the solution, the he told me that means I am using my card details in unsecured sites.

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I replied sir Facebook is secured, he said what if I am using a cloned app, that could be true but I download and updates from playstore and believe they have play protect.

He said there is even fake Leo UBA Virtual Banker on Facebook. He said something sensible, so I said they should allow my account to pay on unsecured sites and I will sign it in case of any liability I will be responsible for it. He disagree.

Then I reasoned within my self should I get another card probably visa from another bank.

I went to FCMB Ughelli North and customer care told her to update my #329# for BVN with the sum of NGN5000 shocked I left, that’s a story for another day.

Here Is the main solution p

Precisely for UBA users but works for other Banks, most welcomed is the last solution.

1. Visit different bank have their ibank site eg
1.2 Click on instant self registration.
1.3 Input your card details you will receive an otp
1.4 Input the OTP you will receive then confirm it for internet banking that’s all.

2. Download mobile banking.
Signup with online/Internet banking + Mobile bank.
Input your card details
If it does not work the last solution is your problem.
After registration your card can work.

3. Download Internet Banking (uba and other Banks have this apps separately)
Signup with your card details,
Click on secure pass
Choose ussd code.
Dial *919# for UBA go to the last option you will see “generate OTP” at the rate of N20.
You can also open your Umobile Secure Pass to generate OTP.
Input the OTP to your internet banking app.
If it doesn’t work the last solution is for you.

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4. Send a message to to Leo on messenger or Whatsapp, text ‘Internet banking” and he will reply you (UBA users only
Welcome to this last solution.

There will come a time I will put this in PDF for sale.

5. Get a Twitter account now if you don’t have.
Search for your bank.
Your bank might have up to 3 official accounts.

5.1 Official accounts.
5.2 Advertisement Account
5.3 Customer Care account.

I logged in to Twitter and messaged UBA-CFC (other Banks have different names, First bank is FBN-help)
I sent a message
Look the example

Hello UBA good day
my mastercard isn’t activating internet banking and I have messaged leo
I tried the and still not working
Sincere apologies for any inconveniences caused in this regard.
Kindly provide your mobile number, account number date off birth and email address attached with the account.
To enable us check on it.

Here are they

Kindly provide screenshot proof to enable us investigate


Visit your bank branch with valid ID card and request for account upgrade

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Skip to the last part. You must provide all your future details to the representative.

Now the problem is for instance in my case I was using Freedom savings account. I can empty my account to N10. The bank is also wise. So the problem is you just have to upgrade your account.

How To Escape The Banks Staff.

If she is a young lady, smile to her, don’t extend it more than that before she starts thinking otherwise.

Time to smile

Tell her you wanna upgrade your account.


National Identity card, you can’t use WASSCE or school card the only three cards you can use is

  • National Identity slip ( yes, I said slip, is it a card)
  • Voters card
  • Driving license ( not drivers license)
  • Utilities Bill (PHCN/NEPA Bill or Water Bill)
  • With this you can upgrade your account. But you won’t receive any notification not charges.
  • What if I forgot my Utilities Bill or my landlord did not give me.
  • Just tell the staff that you “wanna upgrade and in the process of KYC you also wanna do justification because you are not with your utilities bill) that’s all.

Wrapping Up🤣

Joseph Paul

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