November 20, 2019

How To Invest 5000 Naira In Real Estate With Abitcrowd App.

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ABiTCrowd is a Real Estate Investment platform that brings together people with Small Amount of Money to co-invest and Own Land, Landed Property, Houses, Hotels etc as A group.
On this platform (Web/Mobile Application) Investors with small funds can buy part of Real Estate Investment properties and watch their funds grow.

The ABiT Crowd Funding Company secures best real Estate deals across the World and break down the funds needed to procure or set up such property into micro slots and investors with small funds can choose to buy 1 or More slots as thier funds can take them.

Investors unanimously agree the duration period they are willing to hold the Property down for value Apreciation before resale and when this property apreciates to such agreed percentage profit, it is resold, both Profit and Invested capital is shared back to Investors bank accounts according to the number of slots they invested in.

For easy and Unforseen Contingencies cash out, the ABiTCrowd company also introduced the “Sell/Buy Stake” Option which makes it easy for Investors who may need their Invested capital and Whatever acrued profit before maturity to be able to Transfer ownership of their Investment to a waiting Investor or the Company and get back their Invested Funds plus profit credited directly into their bank Accounts.
This makes it Easy entry and easy Exit.

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The ABiTCrowd Application is Powered by BlockchainTechnology meaning its open and Transparent therefore Investors can Monitor the Real time Apreciation of their Real Estate Investments from the Comfort of their Home on thier Mobile devices.

Download ABiTCrowd App on Google Play Store for Android devices or Visit to Invest as Little as 5k Naira and watch your Invest Grow for Profit Cashout.

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