November 20, 2019

BRANCH: How To Access Instant Loan On Branch And Pay Back With Photo Aid.

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1. You will have to download Branch from playstore and register.

But what’s Branch International all about?
Branch is an online bank that lends out money to the public without collateral, that crazy or what are you thinking, could it be possible.

Yeah with your details, this can be done easily 🙂😃🤣, but you mustTry to take advantage of that and get loan then not payback,it’s actually not safe to run away so you better than don’t try to run away because before the loan will be given to you, you will provide some of your details including your bank verification number (BVN), your account number, your email address, your phone number, so with these details you can’t run away. You will be reasonably track down.I’m going to walk you through how you can access the loan on branch without problem and how you are going to pay back and even walk you through how to make money from branch without taking a loan yeah how to make money from branch without taking a loan oh you think we are they getting the money from now, you think the money is free, there is an interest on it depending on the amount you requested for, there’s a certain interest attached to it.Here is this way with photo steps1. Open the apk2. Slide3. Click Register, if you have account click sign in4. Click allow5. Fill the fields with your detailsBank Verification NumberDate Of Birth to confirmEmail address: it’s not compulsory if you don’t have6. Thats your Promocode6. To generate your own token code, when you refer your friends and they take loan, they will give you #10007. Fill the details8. Branch loanup9. That shows you have one months ,thats four week, click on, 4weekly payment to change your.Yeah, your loan on the go, get ready to spend wisely10. Click in confirm receipt 6

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Here we are going to pay back our loans

11. Click on that circle icon, it carries pay back12. Click confirm receipt again gere

11. You either pay bank transfer of Dert5&bit

Very simple ,click here to register on branch I welcome you to Branch

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