November 20, 2019

Online Loan Review – Banks9ja

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I hope today weather has brought a good news to you, then if not, enter your kitchen and make a coffee or anything that cools you down to good mood, yeah you can turn on the speaker and tune the album to your favorite songs, because we are about to tell you a revealed truth(mystery)

What’s the mystery that we are bringing?

A revealed truth, that sounds odd, a mystery is something that had been revealed to the world and still (the world) don’t know and see it

Banks9ja is banking website that focus on giving guides to parents, students and mostly entrepreneurs who needs a no- collateral loan for an urgent project.

What’s a no collateral loan?

   A no collateral loan is a type of loan that does not require to bring huge documents as collateral and also does not require a surety.

Which company will be giving out the loan?

  There are about 30 known companies that are registered and licensed under CBN Central Bank of Nigeria to give out loan and inorder to reduce the work load that was fused on our commercial Banks, and also many are springing up

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How do I get the loan?

Getting the loan is as easy as opening a Facebook/WhatsApp account.

What’s the minimum loan I can get for a start?

The minimum loan you can get for a start varies, remember we said there are upto 30 no-collateral loan companies in Nigeria while some serves in Africa.

We will personally walk you through getting your loan.

How do I pay back

Paying back is as easy as paying MTN/Airtel the extra time you used on your line, we will also walk you through on that, Incase you have any issue paying back.

What if I got scammed?

Wow, this the most dangerous thing people and mostly Nigerians fear about, that’s why we take our time to review the companies that are truly register under CAC and licensed by CBN. To give you scamfree loans.
There is a complain mail, where you can send a complain ticket to CBN and gets faster response.

did you know that there are a lot of bank staff who are not qualified to take Loan one from the bank they are serving

Does it require my BVN?

Yes it requires you BVN, you can read read their privacy policy and you will see that CBN restricted them from using your personal details.

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What will happen if I failed to pay?

There are just three penalty for this offences, dear, it’s a no collateral does not mean you should not pay.

Penalty 1:

You will be given a red card, and you will be limited to take higher loans from the company in future.

Penalty 2:

An additional interest rate will be on your loan.

Penalty 3:

A red card will be flagged to our company account as they see you as a friend  banks9ja and additional charges will be deducted from us.

What’s their interest rate?

Interest rates varies depending on the company you took loan from and the amount you took, huge loans from NGN30000 above are mostly instant interest removal of NGN1000

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A No-collateral Loan?

It’s stress free:

you either get approved within five minutes or get disapproved.

Referral Program:

you get paid for referring your friends and family.

National interest Rate:

you are not affected by the national interest rates and also inflation in economy market.

Wrapping Up🤣

From Banks9ja, we hope we have made everything clear about No-collateral loans, we will give writeup about them in our next contents and we hope you follow up.
Do you feel there is something left untouched, you can use the comment box or the messenger live chat button

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