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Aavesh Jilani: A Dream Of Code


Almost every person who uses computers knows about programming. Many have mastered the skill of programming.

In the world of computer science every month something is invented. Today we are discussing a person who works hard and made some great inventions.

Aavesh Jilani is the creator of the Dragon programming language. Also, He is the creator of the Suasive search engine. Earlier life, He left his home town, Thane, for studies and moved to Moradabad.

Then He started studying the integrated computer applications course in Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad. At the beginning of Computer studies, He doesn’t like the subjects. But he always wanted to achieve a milestone of success. The programming languages become difficult for understanding. One day he decided to develop something. After a full day of coding, He finally completed a calculator android application and shared it with his friends and family members. Everyone appreciated him. That appreciation gave him a lot of confidence. He practiced for months.

Later he developed the Search engine and the programming language. Suasive is the most private search engine with some useful online tools and features. However, The Dragon is one of the easiest programming languages.

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