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How I Hit 100k Views With Free Traffic Sources


Free traffic sources? Do they exist? How sure is this traffic sources? Does it works? This has been some questions on the mind of those coming across this for the very first time, and to those who have heard of it but int sure if what it means here we go explaining how it works. Traffic: Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. This necessarily does not include the traffic generated by bots. – Wikipedia Traffic:

The number of visitors and visits a Web site receives. – Marketing Terms Web site traffic was initially viewed as an all-important metric for gauging success on the Web. This assumption was due in part to the lack of other business metrics to explain the .com phenomenon. Now much of the focus has shifted back to profitability, and Web site traffic is only part of the equation.

Hitting 10k views firstly with free traffic seems to be a dream, I was consistent with it to be sure if it’s working or someone else is giving me free traffic?

I went to check my traffic sources, yeah! They are from free traffic sources, I stopped the process to be sure I wasn’t getting favor from search engines and my traffic dropped, I went back to the practice and the traffic increased, I was very happy knowing this secret, that this big bloggers have been hiding then I thought of packing it into an Ebook, but that won’t be good enough.

Why Do I Need Free traffic Sources

SEO has been a concept in Blogging is a means of getting high value and Quality traffic from prospective Customers, Free traffic sources also have value in many ways, let’s dive into the straightway on how to get them.

There are various ways to get free traffic which am gonna list here

  1. Email List Subscribers
  • Telegram Channel Subscribers
  • Whatsapp Group/Broadcast List
  • ChatBot Subscribers
  • Forum Websites
  • QAs (Questions And Answers) website
  • Guest Posting
  • Link Exchange
  • Social Media handles
  • SEO
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For Full Knowledge Of How Free Traffic Sources Works

Anything that’s requires building list shouldn’t be neglected, it serves a great purpose, you can be paid to market your products to your Subscribers, be it your WhatsApp Broadcast list, Facebook chatbot list, Email list they are very important not only for broadcast or traffic purpose, Think of when you are paid to market a product to all your Subscribers on Facebook, Telegram Channel, WhatsApp and email that’s huge cash.

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Email List

Email List Subscribers: Most webmasters, online store makes this huge mistake, neglecting email list as an old fashion that doesn’t work, which isn’t really so, Neil Patel said “Most blog owners count email list as old fashion” therein problem lies here.

Free trial list building neglecting to build your email list, it’s a great way for free traffic, promotion of products to your customers another way of retargeting your website visitors and make them you’re forever?


Telegram comes in three different ways of broadcast

Telegram Channel:

Telegram channels you share your Content to the subscriber which is only limited to 200,000 subscribers but there is no chance for discussion.

Telegram Groups:

This can be connected to your channel or setup separately for instance banks9ja channel is connected to the banks9ja group. When content is shared in the group it auto-posts to a group where they can discuss.

Telegram Bot:

The list of people you can get connected to with the telegram group and bot is limitless, a million traffic from telegram is possible.

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WhatsApp has little grace/hope for traffic, despite the odds on this platform, there are ways that have become breakthrough to get huge view from WhatsApp, this doesn’t involve spamming

  • Whatsapp broadcast:
  • Whatsapp Group
  • Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Bot Software:

Whatsapp Bot Software quick read on this sounds new to most readers about WhatsApp bot software, they are allotted of WhatsApp bot software that helps to send OTP, Bank Alert, News Update to users in your database one of the best software that performs this function is WAAbot by Bankytechs.


ChatBot Subscribers:

ChatBot Subscribers come in two different ways, most people are known to Facebook ChatBot and know less of WhatsApp Chatbot the likes of DUTA, Leo Ubachatbanking, and the Jumbo software By WAAbot.

ChatBot can be used to send the newsletter, there are rules to this, else it will be regarded as spam, preferably you choose a weekly newsletter which is sent out on Friday 11 pm, why do you need this time, customers have enough time to go through social media on weekend, this is the best time to get their early morning attention on the phone, your next Broadcast could be reminding them about the last newsletter you sent, doing this On Sunday evening will make them go through it faster, Wondering if they had loose something important, lol.

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Forum Website

Forum websites since it’s Advent has generated thousands of traffic for many, yet the regulations on this platforms are very high to prevent spam, scam misleading content, they have been several methods I used which are different from spam still my account got banned/suspended, I took my time to read their policy and refund strategies, since then I have been embedding four links in a single post and there isn’t an issue of the ban.  Despite that we have forums (Content Aggregating Websites), they are based on niche and region


Nairaland based mostly in Africa
WarriorForum based mainly on USATheir region base doesn’t affect you, infact if you are in Africa and wanna target foreign visitors the best free traffic method is using forums in their regions also do ensure to get them subscribed.

Niche Based:

Most forums are either niche-based or general, Technology, Games, Blogging, Programming,

QAs ( Questions And Answers) As Free Traffic Source

They are similar to forum Websites just with little difference, on the forum you put in your writeup like guest Posting while on QAs sites your writeup goes like an answer to questionsTop QAs sitesQuora

Guest Posting

Guest posting is an old method that still works, this is a process whereby a content writer writes content on another site in the same niche and gets linked back to.

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Link Exchange

Link Exchange happens mostly on Facebook whereby everyone does click for clicks, but there are special (untold) ways to do this and get huge traffic, mostly by getting two – five supposed interlinks pointing to another content on a different site.

Social Media Handles As Free Traffic Source

Here is a beast most blog owners ignore and some store owners who tried to do this misuse it to spam, there are ways to get massive traffic from social media like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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But unfortunately many know this, but only a few do it the right way that’s why some links have been blocked on Reddit and also on Facebook. Your headlines must be thought-provoking, your content controversial with proofs, this makes it easier for you to get seen and get paid

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

The real beast of all to stay on #0 Position and eat the fruit of potential buyers at first grade.SEO is ignored either by ignorance or in with excuses like “No time, no cash, I don’t know much about it, I prefer running ads” and some sort of words like that. Running ads makes you stay in a position temporarily while SEO ( though it’s a broad concept) makes you stay longer or forever.SEO experts can be hired to perform the Services or you do it in your free time.

Wrapping Up

Never heard a regret with “Free traffic sources” they are the best ways that can earn you 10k hits up in traffic to 3M hits.
Action+Consistency = 💰 is a key to success. Have anything to add or correct, use the comment section, we love you all and aim in giving you the best.

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