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PIGGYVEST: How To Register With Beneficial Features.


Piggyvest is an online bank platform in Nigeria founded in 2017 by its CEO So to Ifueze, Piggyvest was also created to help mostly Nigerian and online entrepreneurs.Savings and Investment are twin, savings are invested on grounds where another savings can be generated from. Africa, Nigeria is regarded as of the most populous, Richly blessed with natural resources, yet our saving culture is very poor, as most Nigerian spend lavishly on goods that does not have returns e.g fashion, phone, beer club e.t.c

PIGGYVEST: How To Register With Beneficial Features.

PIGGYVEST: How To Register With Beneficial Features.


Piggyvest has alot of features that will benefit you both Nigerian and online entrepreneur.


We mostly complain of bank Transaction charges, Piggyvest has a feature called “Auto-Save” with this feature, you can set it to withdraw any amount from your account at anytime, and you can also set it to remove a particular % of either you salary. In Nigeria we all want to accumulate more money but when we save to our bank account, a lot of bank charges will reduce our money like the need to subscribe for channels and also to buy recharge cards the need to pay utility bills will probably make your NGN30000 decrease to 24000 after 2 weeks.

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PIGGYVEST: How To Register With Beneficial Features.

PIGGYVEST: How To Register With Beneficial Features.

PIGGYVEST: How To Register With Beneficial Features.


With the safe lock feature you can save any amount of money and lock it with a specific password but the most important thing to remember is that once you put your money in safe lock you can’t withdraw it until the specific date input into it is just like creating a fixed account with your physical bank.


PIGGY BANK is the opposite side of safelock piggy bank online safe lock which is if your funds into your piggy bank you can withdraw it at anytime for useful and useless thing but a wise saver will withdraw for a meal and not for a want if you are an extravagant spending it is advisable for you to use the safelock feature.


YEAH,that was why it has always been said that saving and investment are twine to invest in piggy investments is rejoice under piggy investment they are different sectors of investments example agricultural sector, technology centre, education sector, health centre, etc investing under these sectors are a lot of investment plan with interest rates.
There are investments of 13% per year 17% per year 28% per month 10% per week so is a choice to invest wisely not always looking for a Returns I am not saying high return investment is bad but if you are good in Reading financial statements financial charts then you can invest Without Fear.
The question now is what if you be paid back or can piggyvest e hold responsible?
My own answer is if you can’t hold Piggyvest responsible for your lost you invested with choice not Force it’s like saying the share you bought liquidates and you wanna Sue the national stock exchange commission or security exchange commission for your lost decision possible so that’s why I said you must know how to invest wisely.

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Piggyvest always award saver of the week, so if you have the highest saving for the week you will be awarded by Piggyvest.

Do you wish to join Piggyvest Hot Savers WhatsApp Group.

PIGGYVEST: How To Register With Beneficial Features.


invite friends or referral program is something most of us are used to, but for those hearing this for the first time.


A special way of inviting people to join a particular program who is an invite link or promo code which is also called referral link or upline link, you receive a commission for doing this.


the special way is that even given a link, which you can send to anybody to register with the Piggyvest. The benefits of your link is that when anybody create and register you get a commission of NGN1000 per inviti.
To get your referral link you have to activate your account by saving N200 if you can withdraw back after getting your referral link.


there are different ways of watching your link you can share to your friends on social media Facebook groups WhatsApp groups etc. You can promote your link and any product by sending a message to Joseph Paul to place advert on Announce Advert

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To register takes 5 minutes without payment you either registered on the website or download their app from play store. 5.4.1
To register on their website click on the link below5.4.2
To register trading app go to play store search for the app name and download it and if playstore is telling you insufficient space he can go to apkpure to download now to complete your registration with the app will be asked for a promo code invite link or offline link or leveling then you have to include this code 54d5f4b , butit’s better register on the website then you can download the application to register I think I have really going to abandon you see you too you can share this post to your friends who don’t know how to keep money?To register on Piggyvest Vest Click Here >>>> Hi, Welcome To Piggyvest

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  1. Piggyvest seems like an interesting tool to use to help manage money. Many people in your country will benefit.

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