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January 26, 2020

How To Get An Instant Loan On Carbon (Paylater)

Good day Ma/sir👍

You might have come accross Google ads, displaying how to get an instant loan while browsing, yeah some are real and some are otherwise but the teams of Banks9ja have done a lot of positive research and have bring you good news.
That your microfinance, their staff are rude, they have high interest rates, long queues at the bank, bring this file bring that file. No!
Enough of that 🤣 sit at home and get your instant loan

Introducing Carbon (Paylater)

Carbon was formerly known as paylater, you can search for #paylater on Twitter, they changed their name and brand logo.
Here we go:
Carbon is a digital financial company registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and licensed to operate financially to reduce the workloads of our fused up Commercial Banks.

Scroll down to see their office address

How To Get A Loan On Carbon (Paylater)

Download :

You will have to download the app from playstore and also if you are using app store, this same link works for both.Click here to download

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Hey, my friend relax and ease your tension, I live your health, take a juice 🥛🥤🥂 or you prefer fruits, then walk to your fridge or nearest store to get one🍉🍉🌽or whatever makes you Happy🤣
Don’t get yourself stressed because you are a winner🎖️🏆


After downloading the app you will be offered two options1. sign-in/Login
2. Sign-up/Register
If you don’t have Carbon account before all you need to do is click on signup

Upload A Photo🖼️:

It’s very important and an annoying part, but with research we have gathered a way of solving the problem in this area and have made it more easier that learning anything easier than your ABC’s and 123’s

Steps To Upload An Approved Passport

Get someone to snap you as passport
Make sure it’s day time
White Background
Not showing up to to your belt area


if you have a passport sized photo on your phone then you can upload it.

Applying For Loan

Place you request for loan by tapping the loan button and wait let the next page load

Wait For Loan Offer

After applying for the loan you will have to wait for loan decision, which you can either reject or accept

Accept Loan And Payment Details.

Hey my friend, don’t be scared of your BVN, they are licensed and have privacy policy with CBN your BVN is just confirm you details.
Provide the details you want them to send your loan to, but it must be your account because your app picture and details must match with the bank account details you are providing.

Get Your Loan

Wait for some few seconds 60 secs approximately a minute, your loan either get disbursed or rejected.If you get rejected then update your correct salary status or request for a lower amount. Your loan goes into your carbon wallet, then you can withdraw to your bank immediately

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How Much Can You Get?

You can get up to NGN 1million but at the first try you will have to request something lower, then as time goes on with your accordance to their terms and conditions, then your loan limits will increase.

What’s Carbon Card?

We all once have card with Daily contributions collector
Igbo : Utu
Yoruba: Alajo
Hausa: 🤣 lemme check Google translator
You can drop the answer in the comment box, we will sincerely appreciate.
In this card, when you default you get red🚫 score and as you progress you get green 🔝 score with these green score, your loan limit will increase and you will be able to access more loans.
For Instance: Igbo’s loan when you default no matter what excuse you have to explain you will have to pay 2×.

Hope the card area is well explain?

What’s is their Interest Rate?
Carbon interest rate is one of the lowest among the digital banks in Nigeria, you can get as low as 5-15% interest rate depending on your budget.

Carbon Head Office/ Headquarter:

Carbon office is well known to be placed in an area that can be easily accessedPlot 1224, Bishop Oluwole street, Victoria Island, Lagos

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I checked my Google map to confirm, you can check your Google map to confirm.

Carbon Customer Care:

Carbon help/complain desk response rate is excellent but I stand sure, you have nothing to complain except you wanna ask a question.


01-460 9945
01-631 1215

Mail Address


Wrapping Up🤣

From Banks9ja, we hope we have provided all the necessary informations needed by you, if you feel like there is something else that you wanna ask, please kindly use the comment box and for faster response you can use the messenger live chat button.

From Banks9ja

Joseph Paul Nnaemeka

Joseph Paul

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